5 ways to improve your website

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Here are 5 ways to improve your website without paying!
Some tips are directed more towards WordPress but can be applied to any site.

1) Setup your Keyword or Key Phrase

The first step to improve your website is associating each page with a keyword or key phrase. Once you have this phrase using a tool such as the free Yoast SEO or paid Premium SEO you can edit your page or posts accordingly.

The Page Analysis tab will also include many details you can use to improve your page. Some are listed within the following steps to improve your website.

Example with Yoast

2) Add an Image and add Alt Tags.

Images are a great way add your site to Google images. When adding images you want the image to relate to the content so when they view the page it’s providing relevant content.

When you add an image you will be able to add an Alt tag which is short for Alternative Text tag which is shown when an image is not able to be loaded. This is also useful when Google sends its bots to crawl across your site as it will index the images appropriately with the keyword or key phrase you place in the Alt tag.

When considering the term optimize I mean making the site load as fast as possible in a optimal way. To do this you can utilize our SEO tool or others such as gtmetrix as they will both explain what your pages require to optimize.

5 ways to improve your website

3) Reduce file sizes with optimization

Reducing your file size with optimization can speed up your page speed entirely. Page speed is a huge way to improve your website as many people will only wait up to 5 seconds for content. There are also benefits when optimizing your website when it comes to hosting. This also means using less bandwidth and requiring less storage.

5 ways to improve your website

4) Setup your Featured Image and Description

improve your websiteWhen someone shares your post on a social media network, or anywhere that will show a preview you’ll want control over what they see.

Setting a featured image allows you to set the specific image displayed when sharing the page.

Once complete you can add a custom description to explain to the social media network what short description it should show.

5 ways to improve your website

5) Measure and Analyze your traffic

Once completed you can measure the pages success with tools such as JetPack Stats or Google Analytics.

When measuring data you will want to double check referrals to make sure they don’t have a 100% bounce rate. If they do this is usually a bot looking at your site and leaving instantly. This is data that can clog up your reports and provide false data. You only want to measure real visitors and act based on their interests.

With these 5 tips you should be able to improve your website with no cost but your time and end up with great rewards.

5 ways to improve your website
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