Updates / Revisions to your website.

If your site is down Matt can help restore it quickly.
  • Favorite Icon

    $50.00CAD One Time
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      • Obtain or Create 16x16 Graphic

      • Convert Graphic to .ICO

      • Setup Code to allow Favorite Icon to show

  • Website Backup

    $60.00CAD One Time
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    • Backup your Website so you can restore it if you ever need. It's always good to have a copy of your website backed up.
  • Website Repair

    $150.00CAD One Time
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    • If your WordPress site is in need of repair let Matt know and he'll repair it for you and get your site back to business.
  • Website Transfer

    $120.00CAD One Time
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    • Requires
    • Emails must be manually backed up unless stored on an external mail exchange server like Office 365.
  • Create/Setup Google Analytics

    $75.00CAD One Time
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      • Requires Google Account
        (You must sign up as there are Terms of Agreements)

      • Setup & Configuration of Google Analytics

      • Provide Access to Google Analytics

  • Setup & Configure SSL

    $75.00CAD One Time
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      • Requires SSL Certificate
        (Provided if your hosted with me)

      • Setup & Configuration of SSL

      • Forcing WordPress to use SSL

  • Hourly Rate

    $120.00CAD One Time
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    • Request Custom Support for a service not listed but available to be completed.