Responsive Design vs Static Design

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Are you wondering what’s the difference between Responsive Design and Static Design?

When you consider building a website there are many different ways a site can be put together. From website tools like website builders or slicing tools for Photoshop many static websites can be made in a few hours of design.

However a Responsive design website is usually thought out for future use and easy maintenance. With many responsive design comes Content Management tools like WordPress. With mobile devices now in the hands of everyone the mobile device may be the first tool used to see your website. The question is how does your website function for mobile users?

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Responsive Design is the preferred method to design websites for today’s online standards. Since your not sure which device your visitor may be viewing your site you want to be prepared for all devices. That way you enable maximum audience reach and please everyone viewing your website.

A simple way to test if a website is responsive is to adjust the width and height of your browser to see if the website re-adjusts the content to allow for better grouping and usability.

Static Design

Static Design

Static Design is a older style of web design where it’s developed for one specific device in mind. Static Design usually has content that doesn’t change when you adjust your screen or browser size. This type of design can cause some user frustration when having to zoom and maneuver on mobile devices and tablets.

If you can’t make your site responsive another method is creating a entirely mobile site that other devices that have a lower width are directed too. I however recommend building Responsive Design as its helps contain the overall theme of the website.

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