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What steps does Matt take to create a Favorite Icon?

Create Graphic

Provide Matt a Graphic or provide some details on what you’d like shown if a symbol. Matt will then create the graphic needed for the next stage.

Generate Icon

Matt will generate an .ICO file for your site to use when attempting to find the “favicon.ico” file that sites commonly look for.

Add Favorite Icon Meta Data

Matt will then add code to allow the favorite / bookmarking icon to show when visitors return to the site or bookmark it.

What is a Favorite Icon?

What is a Faviorite Icon?

Favorite Icons /Bookmark Icons allow you to show your site how you want it.

The Standard size of a Favorite / Bookmark Icon is:
Height: 16 pixels
Width: 16 pixels

The file format can be an image but is recommended to generate an .ICO file as well.

Request a Favorite Icon
  • Obtain or Create 16×16 Graphic
  • Convert Graphic to .ICO
  • Setup Code to allow Favorite Icon to show

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