Know your fans

Google Analytics is a great way to keep track of your fans and trends.

Setup a Google Account

Once you have your Google Account setup you can have your Google Analytics account integrated so you can access the reports freely.

Google Analytics Code

Matt will setup the Google Analytics code and verify its connection. Upon Request Matt can add his own custom filters to prevent some common Ghost Spam from appearing.

Visitor Details

Once setup you can learn more about your visitors such as Location, Browser Type, New Visitor / Re-Occurring visitor, and more.

How can Google Analytics help?

Learn who your fan base is?

Use Google Analytics to keep track of who your new fans are and your returning fans. You can learn what times they drop by your site, what content they like the most, and where they’re from so you can try to better target your content to better your site.

Request Google Analytics
  • Requires Google Account
    (You must sign up as there are Terms of Agreements)
  • Setup & Configuration of Google Analytics
  • Provide Access to Google Analytics

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