Setup SSL

SSL is a great way to encrypt and secure your site.

SSL Certificate

When you want to Encrypt your site with SSL you have to usually buy a SSL Certificate.

Matt enjoys using LetsEncrypt as it’s a new free SSL Certificate available for just this use. If you are enjoying our Hosting then we’ve already setup a tool to have LetsEncrypt setup in seconds.

Setup & Updating Code

Matt will setup the SSL Certificate and then look at your WordPress site and see where your links are directed too. He will then point all the http:// links to https:// forcing the site to use the new SSL license. Matt may add a plugin if needed to ensure all content in the future is using the SSL.

SSL Lock

Once Matt see’s that your site is SSL Secured he will recommend you update all sites like Facebook, Google Plus and such to point directly to the SSL content first. This can improve your Google Rank as google prefers secure sites over non secure sites.

What is SSL?

SSL is Secure Socket Layers

Secure Socket Layers is a layer of encryption protecting incoming & outgoing traffic.

Seeing the Green Lock you know everything is secure.

Request SSL
  • Requires our Hosting
  • Setup LetsEncrypt SSL
  • Configure Website to Force SSL

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