Website Backup

How does it work?

Obtain WordPress Credentials

We start off by obtaining your Hosting Credentials (FTP) and WordPress Login Credentials.

Install BackupBuddy

Matt will install a Premium Tool to Backup your site.

Backup Files & Database

Matt will backup your Files & Database and share you a link to the latest backup.

Why should I have a Backup?

You would want to use your Backup if your site:

  • Became Compromised or Hacked
  • Code / Updates Broke your Site or Theme
  • The need to transfer your site from bad Hosting Providers

If you’re concerned of any of the above a Backup will ease your mind.

If a site is ever compromised it can be restored using a Backup.

Request Backup
  • Backup of Entire Site
  • Includes Files & Database
  • Requires Access to FTP & WordPress

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