Website Repair

Having problems appearing on your website?

Do you need crucial Website Repair?

Let us help you scan your website for any conflicts or risks

WordPress Code Conflicts

Encountering conflicts, vulnerabilities, or code conflicts with your WordPress website?

We’ll help with resolving code conflicts on your WordPress website by manually reviewing code, themes, and core files. Additionally, we use specialized tools to detect vulnerabilities and potential breaches caused by outdated code, ensuring the safety of your site.

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Broken Links & Redirections

Are broken links impacting your website’s user experience and online ranking?

There’s nothing more frustrating than setting up and sending a link, only for it to break later and lead them to a 404 page, also known as ‘Page Not Found.’ This not only frustrates users but can also impact your online ranking. Review your website so we can identify any content that needs to be hidden or redirected, as well as any broken links.

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Random Errors / Bugs

Experiencing frustration with your website loading slowly, freezing, or encountering errors?

Addressing the causes of a slow, error-ridden, or frozen website not only improves user satisfaction but also boosts overall engagement, enhancing the user experience and optimizing your online presence.

Request support with your Random Errors / Bugs

Infected / Attacked Website

Experiencing unusual signs of suspicious emails, unexpected pop-ups, or redirects?

Observing suspicious emails, pop-ups, or redirects on your site, may indicate a method of compromise. Let’s scan your files, fortify your website, and assess any potential risks to your WordPress site, plugin, or theme.

Request support with your Infected / Attacked Website

Custom Repair(s)

Are you dealing with issues on your website and not sure where to start?

Let’s conduct a thorough review. We’ll figure out what’s causing the disruptions, suggest improvements, and ensure your site operates smoothly and securely by addressing any potential issues.

Request Custom Repair(s) for Your Website

Need to Backup or Restore your Website?

Simplify your backup and restoration process with our assistance.

Looking to enhance your visibility on Search Engines?

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Missing crucial insights on your website activity?

We'll help you set up Analytics & Reporting tools for real-time notifications and detailed reports.