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Toronto, Ontario



About All At Toronto

The All at Toronto website, inspired by its successful All at Vancouver counterpart, was built to assist users in uncovering the diverse offerings of the city. Serving as a user-friendly hub, it allowed exploration of accommodations, dining hotspots, cuisine choices, and trending locales.

Users not only had the opportunity to vote for popular spots like the Royal Ontario Museum, Eaton Centre, YD Square, CN Tower, and the Art Gallery of Ontario but were also actively encouraged to contribute by suggesting new places, sharing photos, booking hotels, fostering connections through social media, and participating in the dynamic community. This comprehensive platform became a vibrant space, enriching the user experience and promoting the exploration and enjoyment of the best that Toronto has to offer.

Challenges to overcome

‘All At Vancouver’ encountered several challenges, including:

  • Establishing Toronto’s Map:
    The first challenge was to precisely locate and mark important places in and around Toronto. At the same time, we wanted to make it easy for everyone to add new spots to the map in a user-friendly way.
  • Gathering Community Insights and Ratings:
    An important challenge we tackled was involving the community by encouraging them to share their thoughts and preferences through voting on various places. This inclusive process was vital, as the gathered information not only facilitated collective decision-making but also played a significant role in determining the daily lineup of favorite places that resonated with the community’s tastes and preferences.
  • Cultivating a Fresh Community:
    With a strong focus on community involvement, their goal was to empower the community not just to provide content but also to actively engage in content oversight. Any unsuitable content could be swiftly reported for assessment


The ‘All At Toronto’ project pursued several goals, including:

  • Building Strong Ties with Toronto Residents:
    Our main goal was to create a strong bond with the people of Toronto. We wanted to achieve this by providing content and features that matched their interests and met their specific needs. By doing so, we aimed to make our platform a place that truly connects with and serves the diverse preferences of the Toronto audience.
  • Enhancing SEO-Optimized Layouts:
    The goal was to enhance the website’s layouts to be SEO-friendly, ensuring that new content was automatically prepared with SEO best practices when added to the site. This approach contributed to improved search engine rankings and broader online visibility.
  • Prioritizing Quality for a Seamless Experience Across Devices:
    Our primary goal was to ensure top-notch quality for the website, no matter the device—be it a mobile, tablet, desktop, or any other platform. We were committed to maintaining the highest standards throughout the development and operation of the website and its associated systems, guaranteeing a consistently excellent experience for all users.
Our Resolution(s)

After its unveiling, the project witnessed the fulfillment of its resolutions with the ‘All At Toronto’ initiative thriving as a dynamic hub for outstanding dining, entertainment, and accommodations post-launch. It forged seamless links with Travel and ‘All At Vancouver‘, empowering tourists to discover the premier destinations in both Toronto and Vancouver. This endeavor also nurtured a thriving community that actively participated, rated, and suggested noteworthy new places for everyone to relish and appreciate.

Operational from 2012 to 2021, All at Toronto left a lasting legacy in the realm of curated experiences.

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