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Ross Avenell


Canada, B.C.



About Wander Travel Group

Wander Travel Group was a customer-driven Canadian travel organization. The company’s team of travel professionals was dedicated to delivering exceptional service and creating memorable travel experiences for their clients.

Wander Travel Group provided its customers with a vast catalog of travel products and services. Through their partnerships with premium travel suppliers, the company consistently delivered outstanding travel experiences to its clients.

Their three cornerstone travel products — Experience Travel, Event Planning, and Non-Profit Fundraising Travel — were just a few examples of the many services offered to their clients.

The company understood that all of their clients were seeking unique experiences when planning their travels, and Wander Travel Group aimed to fulfill these distinct requests every time.

Challenges to overcome

We recognized the challenges faced by Wander Travel Group and actively worked towards overcoming them to enhance the overall user experience. These challenges included:

  • Efficient Content Editing:
    Addressing the need for a streamlined and user-friendly content editing process. Wander Travel Group aspired to simplify content management, aiming for an intuitive experience that surpasses the capabilities of their current Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. The goal was to make content editing more accessible and straightforward.
  • API Integration for Accuracy:
    Acknowledging the importance of maintaining the accuracy of trip information, Wander Travel Group focused on integrating external Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This integration was deemed essential to ensure that trip details remained up-to-date and precise. By connecting with external data sources, the group aimed to provide users with the most current and reliable information about their tours.
  • Enhanced Online Account Features:
    Recognizing the significance of user convenience, Wander Travel Group aimed to enrich the online account experience. This involved implementing features that allowed visitors to effortlessly add trips to their Wishlist. Additionally, the group sought to simplify the process of recurring trip purchases, making it more convenient for users to plan and book their travel experiences seamlessly.


Wander Travel Group was dedicated to achieving a variety of objectives, aiming to make your travel experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. These goals encompassed:

  • Detailed Tour Plans:
    Crafting thorough tour itineraries that not only showcase the exciting features of each adventure but also provide transparent information about prices, locations, key stops, health considerations, insurance coverage, and more. They thrived in providing you a comprehensive overview to help you make informed decisions.
  • Enhanced Filtering Options:
    Introducing improved tour and trip filtering mechanisms to empower their visitors with the ability to choose tours that align with their preferences. This feature ensures a more personalized and tailored experience, allowing them to select the type of adventure that suits their interests and desires.
  • Up-to-Date Tour Information:
    Implementing real-time updates on tour details and availability. This dynamic system verifies tour dates and ensures accurate information the moment you decide to make a booking. This commitment to real-time updates guarantees that the information you see is current, making your travel planning more reliable and convenient.
Our Resolution(s)

After successfully integrating the website with an API, they ensured real-time data updates for all tours and trips. This streamlined content management with custom fields for new trips and trip types, creating fully filterable tours. The site provided real-time prices, seat availability, and detailed itineraries. If they wanted to check the trip later, they could add it to their account’s wish-list and return with ease.

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