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MultiTrends Inc


Maple Ridge, B.C.



About MultiTrends

MultiTrends ITNet Services positions itself as an enterprise that enables businesses to operate seamlessly from any location, at any time, with a strong focus on ensuring uninterrupted workflow and financial control. Established in 2002, MultiTrends has undergone substantial growth, evolving into a highly respected provider of IT solutions with operational offices in both Maple Ridge and Toronto. The comprehensive range of essential IT services they offer includes managed IT support, virtualization, cloud computing, and helpdesk support, catering to a diverse clientele across Canada and the United States. At the core of MultiTrends’ existence lies a fundamental mission aimed at assisting businesses in maintaining operational continuity while efficiently managing their IT requirements. This unwavering commitment highlights their dedication to supporting businesses in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology and ensuring the seamless and effective integration of IT services into their day-to-day operations.

Challenges to overcome

MultiTrends faced a set of challenges that they were eager to tackle:

  • Revamping the Website for Better Online Presence:
    They needed to spruce up their website to make it more visible online. The aim was to be easily found on platforms like Google and Social Media. This update wasn’t just about looks; it was about helping people understand more about Cloud Computing, making the online experience engaging, and sparking interest in the topic.
  • Making Cloud Computing Easy to Grasp:
    They wanted to make Cloud Computing less confusing. They planned to create more simple and easy-to-understand content that explains why things like Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are beneficial. The goal was to help people see how these things could make their digital lives easier.
  • Creating User-Friendly Training Materials:
    Recognizing that starting with cloud technology can be overwhelming, MultiTrends set out to make it simpler. They aimed to create materials that guide new users through the basics, from using cloud applications to logging in and understanding the benefits. The idea was to make the whole cloud experience less intimidating for those who are new to it.


MultiTrends aimed to achieve several objectives, including:

  • Educational Outreach on Cloud Computing Models:
    We endeavored to enhance understanding of cloud computing by developing and disseminating informative E-Books. These electronic books were meticulously crafted to offer in-depth insights into essential concepts such as Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
  • Creative Visual Content for Promotional Materials:
    We were dedicated to creating visually appealing materials for diverse promotional needs. This encompassed the design of eye-catching graphics, banners, and business cards. Skyscraper banners tailored for events were among the highlights, showcasing MultiTrends’ commitment to professional and effective branding.
  • Personalized Vehicle Wrap Design:
    We sought to establish a unique and exclusive presence through the creation of a customized vehicle wrap. This specialized design for the MultiTRENDS vehicle aimed not only to reinforce the brand but also to serve as a distinctive and memorable mobile advertisement.
Our Resolution(s)

MultiTrends reached noteworthy digital achievements, marking a successful journey that involved the development of insightful video tutorials, the strategic implementation of data-driven analytics, and the careful planning of content schedules. By meticulously organizing their social media calendar and newsletter a month ahead, they guaranteed a steady and reliable online presence. These dedicated efforts not only enlarged their digital footprint but also fortified their position as experts in the field, showcasing their profound knowledge and proficiency.

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