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About FH Security

FH Security Products Ltd is a locally owned and operated company that specializes in providing a comprehensive array of high-quality security solutions for businesses and individuals alike. Founded with a dedicated mission to ensure security and safety for properties and assets, FH Security stands out due to its unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch products at highly competitive prices. Offering an extensive range of security solutions meticulously tailored to meet the diverse needs of various businesses and organizations, the company boasts an impressive 30 years of industry experience.

Additionally, FH Security provides a reassuring 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on all their products. The FH Security team comprises seasoned security professionals who collaborate closely with clients, creating customized solutions that precisely align with their unique requirements, with a strong emphasis on innovation and adaptability. FH Security Products Ltd has gained acclaim for its steadfast dedication to excellence and a fervent passion for elevating industry standards, establishing itself as a trusted and reliable name in the realm of security.

Challenges to overcome

Since 2012, FH Security and Matt have collaborated on each website update, he had a deep understanding of the new challenges, which included:

  • Enhancing Online Presence
    While the website worked perfectly fine, our goal was to strengthen its SEO, optimize content, streamline navigation, and establish a more robust online presence.
  • Optimizing Load Time
    Previous website versions suffered from slow loading times, largely due to large graphics, potentially discouraging potential users. Therefore, improving load times became a top priority.
  • Improving Form Security
    To address the escalating problem of spam from bots, it was imperative to implement more effective Captcha solutions within the website’s contact forms


FH Security aimed to strategically position itself for success by establishing and pursuing a set of comprehensive goals:

  • Responsive Design
    We aimed to ensure seamless accessibility on every device by prioritizing universal compatibility. Acknowledging the increasing use of tablets and mobile devices for on-the-go browsing, the company underscored the vital importance of responsive site design. This strategy was fundamental in elevating user experience and catering to the diverse needs of a growing audience.
  • Content Efficiency
    To address the challenge of load time optimization, FH Security focused on content efficiency. The goal was to ensure that all added content was fully optimized for mobile visitors, with consideration for those on low data plans. This approach aimed to improve site loading speed and minimize the impact on visitors’ data plans.
  • Product Display Optimization
    FH Security set out to enhance the product display. The objective was to streamline the layout of each product, making it easier for visitors to explore product variations, access product descriptions, and request quotes based on their specific requirements.
Our Resolution(s)

After the implementation of the new website design, FH Security witnessed a substantial surge in both their online presence and sales figures. The improvements are evident in the impressive reduction of load times, now at an impressive one second or less. This enhancement is made possible through the utilization of a Content Delivery Network, ensuring global accessibility while countering potential bot activity effectively.

Furthermore, user forms on the website have undergone notable upgrades by seamlessly integrating Google Captcha. This addition contributes to a more secure and streamlined interaction, significantly reducing the occurrence of spam. These combined efforts showcase FH Security’s commitment to providing an enhanced online experience for users, fostering both efficiency and security.

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