Pacific Central & The Bust


3D Modelling (Maya)
Data Research
DVD Covers & Inserts
DVD Menu Authoring
Graphic Design
Print Design
Reference Photography
Video Editing
Video Production


Autodesk Maya
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Encore
Digital Cameras


The Art Institute of Vancouver


Burnaby, B.C.



About Pacific Central & The Bust

During his time at The Art Institute of Vancouver: Burnaby, Matt specialized in Game Art and Design, honing his skills in 2D and 3D art. His final project was to showcase expertise in Character, Environment, or Game Design, and, despite previous Game Design experience, he opted for a new challenge.

Matt immersed himself in environment modeling, with a unique focus on Low Poly modeling, prioritizing performance over hyper-realism. His first project aimed to faithfully recreate Vancouver’s Pacific Central Station, including every intricate detail, from lampposts to weathered bike racks, and even the distant TransLink sky-train.

For his second environment, Matt drew inspiration from Grand Theft Auto, crafting a realistic yet cluttered and grimy in-game home, complete with scattered cash and hidden IDs.

Challenges to overcome

Matt faced challenges but found creative solutions with support from valued classmates and educators.

Pacific Central Station

  • Photography:
    Gathering references from every angle was essential for modeling and texturing the location. Matt collaborated with friends and classmates to borrow multiple cameras from the Art Institute and took reference photos from various angles.
  • Scene Limitations:
    Matt grasped the importance of modeling only what the camera would capture, allowing him to economize his efforts. This insight led him to exclude non-visible areas and high-polygon objects like trees, resulting in significant time and complexity savings.

The Bust

  • The Scene:
    Matt encountered layout challenges and sought help during a local Draw Jam with classmates and teachers. A valued instructor provided a top-view idea, which Matt used as a blueprint to create the layout, add props, textures, lighting, and refine the camera angles.
  • Money & IDs:
    Matt discovered that scanning real currency was prohibited, so he photographed cash from multiple angles and used Photoshop to make subtle changes. A similar approach was taken for ID creation, using templates from real IDs and incorporating comical imagery by altering the information.


Matt’s objectives guided his project, and these were the tasks at hand:

  • Environment Realism:
    Committed to achieving realism in every scene, Matt meticulously considered camera angles and object placement. In Pacific Central, a distant skytrain passed by, complemented by the realistic fluttering of the flag in the wind, achieved through a sine-wave animation technique. For The Bust, Matt sought the expertise of his friend, who is also a skilled carpenter. Requesting her input and insights, Matt ensured that all woodworking, including the stairs and house framing, was prepared accurately and structurally sound. Upstairs, a similar sine-wave approach animated the curtain, capturing a natural flutter in the wind.
  • Video Editing and Production Objectives
    During the video editing and production goals, Matt focused on seamlessly assembling images into a cohesive video, syncing them with audio, and rendering the final product for both DVD and YouTube.
  • Design & Print Objectives:
    During the design and print phase, Matt aimed to complete the creation of captivating DVD case covers, appealing inserts, and accompanying business cards, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the project.
  • DVD Creation Steps:
    For the final DVD creation, Matt endeavored to build a user-friendly DVD menu using Adobe Encore, link video content to it, and generate a DVD ISO for efficient processing and burning.
Our Resolution(s)

Matt made connections with industry professionals at The Art Institute’s Demo Reel Showcase, where he distributed his Demo Reels and welcomed inquiries. In doing so, he made sure to connect anyone with his esteemed and accomplished classmates should they be seeking work in a similar field. These conversations eventually led to him receiving a meeting request from Electronic Arts for the upcoming video game “The Sims 2: Castaways.

Recent Projects