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Adam Livesey


Maple Ridge, B.C.



About Capital Millwork

Capital Millwork Inc. stands as a family-rooted venture, its roots tracing back to the final trucks crafted by Plymouth. The inception of their journey can be attributed to Art Livesey and his brother Jim, the pioneers behind “Livesey Brothers General Woodworking” in Red Deer, Alberta. This woodworking venture later evolved into “Livesey Brothers Sash & Door” upon their relocation to British Columbia.

Guided by the experienced leadership of Adam Livesey, boasting over 12 years of industry expertise, their team comprises adept craftsmen. Each member has earned the distinction of being a journeyman cabinetmaker or apprentice from the esteemed British Columbia Institute of Technology. Specializing in a diverse range of design choices, they offer customized cabinetry solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. At Capital Millwork, their steadfast commitment revolves around delivering products that not only align with your requirements but consistently surpass your expectations. In doing so, they proudly uphold the legacy of craftsmanship and family tradition that has defined their journey.

Challenges to overcome

Matt spearheaded the efforts to tackle these challenges for Capital Millworks:

  • Enhancing Online Visibility
    Capital Millworks aimed to extend the reach of its website, which had a limited online presence. The objective was to enhance visibility and cultivate a more engaging online identity. Through strategic digital marketing and SEO initiatives, the company sought to connect with a broader audience and strengthen its online presence.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    When working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), their main goal was to increase the chances of people finding them on the internet. They concentrated on performing well in Google searches, making efforts to secure top positions and prominently display their ratings to attract more attention.
  • Ensuring Responsive Design
    Their primary aim was to ensure that their website not only looked appealing but also functioned seamlessly on any device, be it a computer, tablet, or phone, regardless of its size. The overarching objective was to provide everyone with a user-friendly and enjoyable experience, irrespective of how they chose to access the site. The focus remained on creating a website that adapted effortlessly to different screen sizes, promoting accessibility and user satisfaction across a diverse range of devices.


While collaborating with the Capital Millworks Team, their primary focus revolved around these goals:

  • User-Friendly Experience
    Providing users with an easy-to-navigate interface that effectively showcased services and facilitated a clear understanding of the available Doors and Crowns was a top priority. This was achieved through the strategic use of imagery and the introduction of a Gallery to feature past work.
  • Optimization
    They focused on optimizing Capital Millwork’s online content to enhance visibility and reach their target audience. This involved incorporating relevant keywords and key phrases, utilizing title and alternative tags for images, and optimizing images by dimension and file size to minimize data consumption for mobile users.
  • Tracking Results
    To monitor the origin of incoming leads from new sources such as Google or Facebook, they implemented Google Analytics. This provided insights into their visitor traffic and allowed them to make necessary adjustments.
Our Resolution(s)

Upon the successful completion of Capital Millwork’s project, they experienced a significant increase in website traffic, predominantly attributed to the captivating visuals of the doors and crowns displayed on their site. These engaging graphics expedited customer decision-making, allowing for faster and more precise choices. Furthermore, the utilization of Google Analytics reports enabled them to effectively monitor website traffic, evaluate social media performance, and measure the subsequent surge in web visitors.

Recent Projects