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Francesco De Santis


Pitt Meadows, B.C.



About Tuscany Art

Francesco De Santis brought to Vancouver a wealth of stone craftsmanship, a deep-rooted heritage, and an unwavering work ethic that seamlessly integrated into Tuscany Art Ltd, a renowned granite company. These skills, passed down through generations, originated with Francesco’s father, Anselmo De Santis, who founded the business in a small Italian town in 1962. After two decades, Francesco, alongside his two sons Anselmo and Gabriele, established a new chapter of Tuscany Art in Canada.

Tuscany Art distinguishes itself as a preeminent provider, curating a diverse selection that seamlessly interweaves traditional stone craftsmanship with contemporary designs. Each creation represents a harmonious fusion of time-honored techniques and modern aesthetics, captivating the observer with visual appeal while steadfastly upholding a commitment to providing discerning value. These pieces transcend mere utility, encapsulating a narrative that harmonizes the venerable history of craftsmanship with the innovative spirit of the present, thereby embodying the enduring legacy of the De Santis family in the realm of stone craftsmanship. As a vanguard in the industry, Tuscany Art’s designs transcend mere functionality, serving as eloquent expressions of accumulated expertise and shaping the ongoing narrative of design aesthetics.



Challenges to overcome

Tuscany Art embarked on a mission to overcome the following challenges:

  • Creating an Online Portfolio:
    Tuscany Art faced the challenge of establishing a strong online presence for the purpose of showcasing their exquisite work and facilitating a user-friendly contact method, which they are actively planning to overcome.
  • Highlighting Edge Varieties:
    Offering a wide array of edge styles, they recognized the need for clients to be informed about all available options. Their website needed to serves as a resource for clients to explore different edge styles before initiating their projects.
  • Streamlining Contact and Requests:
    Their present challenge centers on restricted communication options, predominantly relying on a phone number for contact. This limitation hampers efficient communication and request handling. To enhance overall communication efficacy, the goal is to introduce contact forms designed to elicit specific details, streamlining the process for quick responses. This shift aims to reduce reliance on phone-based communication, thus optimizing manpower and improving overall efficiency.


Tuscany Art’s goals included:

  • Showcasing their Granite Gallery:
    Thoughtfully incorporating an array of breathtaking granite works into the carefully curated online gallery not only serves as a testament to their generational skills and exceptional abilities but also underscores their unwavering commitment to delivering unmatched quality. This showcase is designed to assure visitors of the exceptional craftsmanship they can expect from this esteemed establishment.
  • Visualizing Edges Varieties:
    Tuscany Art is dedicated to streamlining the presentation of its extensive array of edge options, ensuring clients are presented with a comprehensive showcase that vividly illustrates the diverse range of possibilities available for customization based on their unique requests and preferences.
  • Improve Online Presence:
    Tuscany Art is seeking to boost their online presence by establishing a presence on social media and Google. They also aim to track visitor behavior with Google Analytics and facilitate effortless 24/7 contact through a user-friendly contact form.
Our Resolution(s)

Tuscany Art made significant improvements to its online presence and customer experience. They increased visibility and streamlined the ordering process, making it more convenient for clients. Their gallery now effectively showcased past work, while their presence on Google extended their reach. They also expanded their ability to display previous projects and diversified communication channels for better client engagement. These enhancements reflected their commitment to quality and an improved online experience.

Recent Projects