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Vancouver, B.C.



About All At Vancouver

All at Vancouver was meticulously crafted as an immersive online platform, designed to be the ultimate guide for users exploring the vibrant city and its surroundings. Beyond a conventional travel resource, it delved into the heart of Vancouver‘s diverse offerings, covering not only popular tourist spots like Stanley Park and Granville Island but also uncovering hidden gems. From curated accommodation recommendations spanning luxurious retreats to budget-friendly options, to celebrating the city’s rich culinary scene, the website aimed to enhance every aspect of the user’s journey.

More than a static guide, All at Vancouver fostered an active community. Users not only consumed information but actively shaped the platform by liking and voting on popular locations. This inclusivity extended to encouraging submissions of new places, fostering a dynamic representation of Vancouver’s evolving landscape. With features like photo sharing, hotel bookings, and social media connectivity, the platform went beyond conventional travel guides, becoming a comprehensive digital companion for individuals eager to discover and experience the best of Vancouver.

Challenges to overcome

‘All At Vancouver’ faced various challenges, each addressed with dedicated efforts:

  • Mapping the Entirety of Vancouver:
    A central challenge involved mapping and pinpointing all the top locations in and around Vancouver. The primary goal was to create a comprehensive map while ensuring a user-friendly interface for effortlessly adding new locations.
  • Rating Prominent Locations
    Facilitating community engagement through the ability to rate and vote on locations was pivotal. This data played a crucial role in determining the daily rotation of trending locations, enhancing the platform’s dynamic nature and reflecting the preferences of the ‘All At Vancouver’ community.
  • Community Engagement and Support
    Fostering a strong sense of community involvement was a key goal. ‘All At Vancouver’ aimed to empower users not only to contribute content but also to actively participate in content moderation. A robust system allowed the community to flag inappropriate content for review, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all users.


Some of the key objectives that ‘All at Vancouver’ aimed to achieve included:

  • Highlighting Upcoming Events
    A crucial aspect of ‘All at Vancouver’ was to feature upcoming events, making the platform a comprehensive destination for enthusiasts. This goal was realized by seamlessly integrating multiple RSS feeds, ensuring users had access to the most current and relevant event information.
  • Enhancing Search Engine Visibility
    Establishing ‘All at Vancouver’ as the premier resource for everything related to Vancouver required a prominent presence in search engine results. To achieve this, we strategically optimized images, keywords, meta tags, and descriptions for both “Vancouver” and specific locations within the city. Additionally, we implemented robust analytical tracking to continually refine and enhance our search engine optimization efforts.
  • Quality Assurance
    Ensuring the security and functionality of the platform was paramount. Our goal was to conduct rigorous quality assurance checks on every page, meticulously attending to details. This commitment to quality assurance guaranteed that users could navigate ‘All at Vancouver’ with ease and confidence, fostering a positive and reliable community experience.
Our Resolution(s)

After the successful launch of the ‘All at Vancouver’ website, driven by overwhelmingly positive feedback, the BravoWorks team was inspired to embark on a new venture. Their resolution was clear: we replicate this triumph by introducing a parallel website for Toronto, appropriately named ‘All at Toronto.’ Motivated by the shared mission to facilitate connections, discover new locations, and foster a sense of community, the expansion aimed to bring the platform’s benefits to both cities.

The decision reflected their commitment to helping individuals connect and meet like-minded individuals in diverse urban landscapes. ‘All at Vancouver’ served as a testament to this vision, operational from 2010 to 2021, leaving behind a legacy of community engagement and exploration.

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