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World-Class Extractions


Burnaby, BC



About World-Class Extractions

World-Class Extractions, a former global leader in industrial-grade cannabis extraction, harnessed its expertise in cannabis science and technology. The company provided innovative equipment to meet the evolving needs of the cannabis industry. Among its subsidiaries, Soma Labs Scientific focused on developing customized equipment and services for precise extraction and processing, such as ‘The BOSS,’ while Greenmantle Products specialized in supplying ancillary services and support to the developing Biotech Industry, particularly in the realm of vape products.

Pioneering cutting-edge technology for efficient extraction and product development, the company aspired to attain global leadership in industrial-scale extraction, crafting high-margin cannabis products, and forging premium consumer brands. Moreover, the company sought to remain at the forefront of industry trends, adapting to emerging market demands and regulatory changes consistently. These efforts aimed to solidify its standing as a trailblazer in the cannabis extraction sector.

Challenges to overcome

We tackled several challenges, including:

  • Educating on New Advancements:
    As the marijuana industry began to expand, a key challenge was ensuring widespread awareness of the latest technologies, cultivation methods, and regulatory changes. This involved comprehensive education campaigns across various media channels, fostering informed decision-making among consumers and industry professionals.
  • Website Reconstruction:
    Given the extensive range of solutions offered by World-Class Extractions, we undertook the task of building a completely new website. This was crucial not only to showcase their myriad services but also to educate visitors about their various subsidiaries.
  • Displaying Real-Time Stock Price:
    To address the dynamic nature of stock prices in the industry, we integrated an external API to showcase the live stock price, historical data, and market trends on the website. This ensured that visitors always had access to the most accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive stock information, enhancing their decision-making capabilities.


Some of the goals we aimed to achieve included:

  • Information Dissemination:
    Our primary objective was to ensure the widespread dissemination of information in the emerging field of industry technologies. We focused on utilizing various channels, including newsletters, social media platforms, and SEDAR, to effectively share the latest updates.
  • Educate on Subsidiaries:
    With a diverse range of subsidiaries under World-Class Extractions, our goal was comprehensive education. This involved enlightening stakeholders about Soma Labs Scientific, emphasizing key products such as “The Boss” and “The Beast” marijuana distillate extraction units, shedding light on Greenmantle Products and their distilled vapes, and highlighting Pineapple Express as a robust delivery network.
  • 360° of ‘The Boss’:
    Addressing the heightened curiosity surrounding the latest extraction technologies from Soma Labs Scientific, our objective was to create a captivating 360° interactive view of ‘The Boss.’ This initiative aimed to provide stakeholders with an immersive experience, showcasing the intricacies of one of their flagship extraction technologies.
Our Resolution(s)

World-Class Extractions yielded remarkable results, including a substantial increase in share prices, signaling positive market responses. Our successful efforts encompassed heightened education on cutting-edge technologies, ensuring a deeper understanding among stakeholders. The comprehensive dissemination of the latest news across newsletters, social media platforms, and established news outlets, coupled with integration with SEDAR, elevated the company’s industry presence. Additionally, our initiatives to showcase the latest extraction tools and products, such as the immersive 360° view of “The Boss” from Soma Labs Scientific, garnered widespread attention, solidifying World-Class Extractions’ standing as an industry leader.

Acquired/​Merged with Stock Trend Capital Inc.

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