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Marty Hall


Chilliwack, BC



About Mail-Jail

Established in 2012 in Langley, British Columbia, Mail-Jail proudly showcases a rich history of perfecting mailbox security under the visionary leadership of its founder, Marty Hall, who also founded FH Security. Originally fueled by a passion for enhancing security for residential homes and businesses, Mail-Jail’s innovative approach to mailbox security has evolved into a thriving online store.

Today, they proudly serve customers across Canada and hold the distinction of being North America’s first mailbox enclosure company. Their unique Mail-Jail design, protected by a Patent Pending, is powered by FH Security Products Ltd, showcasing their unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier security solutions. Your satisfaction remains their utmost priority, and they eagerly and tirelessly look forward to continuing their mission of safeguarding your mail and providing unparalleled peace of mind.

Challenges to overcome

The primary challenges outlined for Mail-Jail included:

  • Understanding Mailbox Risks and Solutions:
    Teaching customers about mailbox risks involves emphasizing the importance of protecting physical mailboxes from break-ins and theft. Traditional mailboxes are vulnerable to unauthorized access, risking the theft of confidential mail and documents. The Mail-Jail’s special tamper-resistant design acts as a strong deterrent, clearly signaling to potential attackers. Through focused education, we effectively communicated the Mail-Jail’s ability to secure confidential information, turning the challenge into a triumph for mailbox protection.
  • User-friendly, cross-device navigation:
    Making the website easy to use on any device was crucial. We focused on ensuring smooth navigation on mobile, tablet, and desktop, allowing visitors to move between sections effortlessly. With thoughtful design and optimization, we created a user-friendly interface that enhances the overall experience, making exploration and interaction smooth no matter the device.
  • Effective Google integration for SEO:
    Effective Google integration for Search Engine Optimization was pivotal for enhancing online visibility. We successfully integrated with Google, optimizing for key phrases such as ‘mail-jail’ and ‘industry-approved mailbox enclosures’ to elevate our search engine ranking and ensure maximum visibility in relevant online searches.


The comprehensive goals for Mail-Jail included:

  • Variety of Before and After Installations:
    It was crucial to meticulously present a diverse range of before-and-after Mail Jail installations. This approach not only showcased the variety but also effectively highlighted the ease of access for customers while discouraging potential theft.
  • Captcha Integration for Spam Prevention:
    To fortify spam prevention measures, we seamlessly integrated Google Captcha into the forms. This advanced technology adeptly identifies and blocks automated bot actions, ensuring the preservation of high-quality user interactions and inquiry submissions.
  • Comprehensive Cross-Device Testing:
    Our commitment to excellence led us to prioritize rigorous testing procedures, ensuring the seamless performance of the website across all devices. This dedication is aimed at delivering an optimal and user-friendly experience for every visitor.
Our Resolution(s)

The Mail-Jail implementation has not only proven to be a transformative solution for FH Security but has also led to significant improvements across various facets of their operations. This includes a substantial increase in sales, fueled by the product’s growing popularity and proven effectiveness. Moreover, the public has developed a deeper understanding of the diverse benefits offered by the Mail-Jail enclosures, resulting in increased interest and widespread adoption. Furthermore, their valued customers and users have expressed their satisfaction with the Mail-Jail enclosures, offering valuable and positive feedback that not only underscores the product’s quality and effectiveness but also serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

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