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Ridge Meadows Recycling Society


Maple Ridge, B.C.



About Recycle it Right

Ridge Meadows Recycling Society (RMRS) is a dedicated, community-based non-profit organization passionately committed to advocating for zero waste, responsible waste reduction services, and environmental education. With a steadfast mission, RMRS aims to empower Maple Ridge residents to embrace their roles as environmentally responsible stewards. Their goal includes building a unique game called ‘Recycle it Right,’ designed to provide a comprehensive range of environmentally sound waste reduction services, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly future for the community. Upholding a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, RMRS strives to implement cutting-edge solutions that align with evolving environmental standards and foster a sense of community responsibility and engagement. Their initiatives include educational workshops, community partnerships, and proactive outreach programs that contribute to a more informed, united, and environmentally conscious local community.

Challenges to overcome

Ridge Meadows Recycling Society (RMRS) collaborated with Matt to identify a range of challenges to overcome, including:

  • Additional Educational Resources for Newcomers:
    A pivotal focus involved educating new recyclers about the diverse array of bins and bags, along with specific instructions for sorting and placing items in each. This initiative aimed to provide newcomers with the necessary guidance for effective recycling practices, contributing to a more informed community.
  • Expanding Knowledge about Recyclable Items:
    A significant challenge lay in the widespread lack of awareness regarding the numerous items acceptable at the recycling depot, even beyond those suitable for curbside pickup. The concerted effort to bridge this awareness gap involved enlightening residents through various channels, emphasizing the versatility of the recycling depot as a hub for sustainable practices.
  • Inspiring Youth to Embrace Recycling:
    Recognizing the importance of instilling environmental consciousness from an early age, the focus extended to motivating the younger generation. We set out to build a unique game, ‘Recycle it Right’, designed to make learning enjoyable for all ages.


Collaborating with the team at Ridge Meadows Recycling Society (RMRS), we embarked on achieving the following objectives:

  • Design & Develop a Recycling Education Game:
    Our primary goal was to create an engaging educational video game that guides users in learning how to recycle by dragging items to their correct bins or locations. The aim was to make recycling education interactive and enjoyable.
  • Progressive Levels & Diverse Recycling Options:
    To ensure a comprehensive learning experience, we aimed to implement progressive levels with randomized items and a wide array of recycling choices in ‘Recycle it Right’, thereby enhancing both knowledge acquisition and replayability. The intention was to educate users progressively about the correct disposal of each item, introducing more locations after each level to broaden their understanding.
  • Award Certificates for Successful Recycling:
    As a positive reinforcement, we set out to design personalized certificates featuring the user’s name. These certificates, available for printing, would celebrate their exceptional sorting skills and newly acquired knowledge gained through ‘Recycle it Right’, providing a tangible acknowledgment of their commitment to effective recycling practices.
Our Resolution(s)

After successfully completing the development and thorough playtesting of our innovative game, “Recycle it Right”, we were overjoyed to receive excellent feedback and enthusiastic responses from individuals of all ages. Numerous young students eagerly participated in playtesting the game within school settings, and with joy, they printed out their certificates to celebrate their achievements and share their accomplishments.

After receiving positive feedback in Maple Ridge, we replicated ‘Recycle it Right’ for Pitt Meadows, making minor adjustments tailored to help educate on their specific district’s recycling opportunities.

It was truly heartening to witness such a warm and positive community reception, reaffirming that we were delivering valuable education and fostering community engagement to everyone.

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