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Repentigny, Quebec



About Steve Art Painting

Steve Art Painting served as the expressive realm for Steve, a passionate and dedicated artist renowned for his exceptional talent in crafting vivid and unique oil canvases. His artistic portfolio was a captivating showcase of abstract designs spanning a wide array of genres, a true testament to his versatility and creative brilliance. Steve’s work had the power to captivate a diverse audience of art enthusiasts, catering to a broad spectrum of tastes.

Matt discovered Steve’s outstanding art on a Facebook group and, captivated by it, expressed interest in making a purchase. During their discussions, Matt learned about Steve’s need for an online store due to challenges posed by Facebook’s growth. Matt extended his offer to assist with the website and, demonstrating his appreciation for Steve’s remarkable art, initiated the beginning of their creative partnership.

Challenges to overcome

Steve Art Painting faced several challenges that he sought to overcome:

  • Artistry Excellence without a Portfolio:
    Despite his remarkable artistry, the absence of a dedicated portfolio platform posed a significant hurdle. Relying solely on Facebook limited his options for showcasing art effectively.
  • Unprecedented Artistic Demand:
    Managing the surging demand for his art on Facebook became increasingly time-consuming. Each request demanded substantial attention, creating a need for a more streamlined and efficient process.
  • E-commerce Imperative:
    In response to these challenges, the artist recognized the imperative of implementing an e-commerce solution. This involved effectively addressing shipping fees for diverse locations, especially those with higher shipping costs. Additionally, the introduction of a wish-list feature aimed to enhance the convenience for art enthusiasts interested in returning to place orders later.


Steve Art Painting faced several goals that required strategic planning:

  • Establishing E-commerce with User Accounts & Payment System:
    The primary objective was to create a comprehensive online store. To achieve this, the strategy involved utilizing WooCommerce to set up the store, with PayPal chosen as the preferred payment method. This approach was designed to enhance user convenience and facilitate secure transactions.
  • Art Gallery with Categorization:
    Given the expansive nature of his art collection, it was crucial to organize the artworks systematically. Categories were introduced to enable users to easily sort through the collection based on various criteria such as Popularity, Rating, Recency, Price, Color, and specific themes like Nature, Oil Paintings, Abstract. Additionally, sets like 3 pieces, 4 pieces, and 5 pieces were created for a more refined browsing experience.
  • Efficient FAQ Section for Streamlined Inquiries:
    Recognizing the prevalence of common questions related to Shipping, Size, Custom Prints, and details about canvas and wrapping, an informative FAQ section was introduced. This section aimed to address these frequently asked questions, reducing the need for direct inquiries and ensuring a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for visitors to the online platform.
Our Resolution(s)

Steve Art Painting achieved remarkable success as his artwork completely sold out! Every piece found its way into the hands of appreciative collectors, fulfilling his dream of sharing art and securing a comfortable retirement. The incredible outreach of his art, reaching a vast audience at a breathtaking pace, led to a complete sell-out, paving the way for him to attain his aspirations. His ultimate goal was to sell his art, enabling a well-deserved retirement. Achieving this through a mix of art on scrolls and beautifully canvased pieces, he successfully closed his online shop as he embarked on the next chapter of his life.

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