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About Plan B Security

Plan B Security, a company based in Langley, British Columbia, operated in the areas of Greater Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, Chilliwack, and Kelowna from 2008. In addition to providing conventional security services, they have a strong commitment to ensuring safety by offering a wide range of top-notch safety products and services. Their dedication goes beyond the norm to ensure the highest level.

Challenges to overcome

Plan B Security embarked on addressing several challenges:

  • Enhancing Online Visibility:
    Being a growing security company, they faced the challenge of ensuring local businesses could easily find them on the internet. Their focus was on increasing visibility to establish a stronger online presence.
  • Showcasing Security Solutions:
    With a diverse range of security offerings, the challenge lay in effectively presenting the various security methods available. They sought a method to highlight and communicate the breadth of their security solutions to potential clients.
  • Streamlining Appointment Booking:
    The existing appointment booking process, limited to phone and email, occasionally led to missing information. Plan B Security aimed to improve this process by exploring ways to enhance efficiency and ensure all necessary details were captured during appointment bookings.


Some of the outlined goals for Plan B Security to overcome included:

  • Showcasing Security Solutions:
    The aim was to implement a gallery feature to display past installations and provide a comprehensive overview of available security options. This visual representation would offer clients a clear understanding of the range of security solutions offered.
  • User-Friendly Contact Form:
    To streamline the appointment setup process, the focus was on designing a simplified contact page. The goal was to create a user-friendly form that efficiently captured all necessary details, making the interaction quick and seamless for potential clients.
  • Comprehensive Product Descriptions:
    Each product category, such as Bollards, Window Bars, Security Gates, Anti Pry Plates, and Barricade Bars, was slated to have dedicated pages. The objective was to provide detailed information for each product, ensuring that potential customers could access comprehensive descriptions to make informed decisions about their security needs.
Our Resolution(s)

Following the launch of the website, Plan B Security experienced a surge in order volume, attributed to the introduction of the User-Friendly Contact Form. The Gallery and Our Services sections helped visitors to determine their requirements and easily request appointments for added convenience.

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