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Laura-Beth McDonald


British Columbia, Canada



About Canadian Entertainers for Seniors

Canadian Entertainers For Seniors emerged as an exceptional and innovative company committed to facilitating the exploration of outstanding Canadian entertainers with a unique specialization in providing entertainment tailored for seniors. Through effective collaboration with their dedicated Event Coordinator, Laura-Beth McDonald, we achieved the successful development of a remarkable website. This platform served as a seamless conduit, fostering connections between talented entertainers and adept event coordinators, ensuring a harmonious and delightful experience for seniors and those planning senior-focused events.

Challenges to overcome

We faced various important challenges throughout the project:

  • Ease of Use for All Ages:
    Our primary concern was making the website easy for seniors in Canada to navigate. We wanted it to be simple and straightforward so that our audience, which includes older individuals, could use it with ease.
  • Diverse Pool of Canadian Entertainers:
    We worked hard to create a long and impressive list of talented Canadian entertainers who were excited to showcase their skills for seniors and at upcoming senior events. Our aim was to ensure a broad range of entertainment options to cater to diverse preferences.
  • Complete Responsiveness:
    Canadian Entertainers for Seniors main objective was to ensure that the website functioned well on all devices and platforms, whether it be a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Additionally, we made sure the website supported multiple font sizes, ensuring readability for all users, regardless of their device or visual preferences.


Canadian Entertainers for Seniors extended its goals to include the following:

  • Profile Creation:
    Simplifying the profile setup process was a priority. We revamped the account signup procedure, making it user-friendly, allowing entertainers to effortlessly submit their profiles for review and approval.
  • Entertainment Categories:
    Our focus was on helping users find the perfect entertainer(s) for their events. To achieve this, we provided detailed information on a diverse range of entertainment styles and types. This comprehensive approach empowered users to explore various options and make informed decisions based on their preferences.
  • Entertainer Reviews:
    Recognizing the importance of feedback, we implemented a star rating system. This feature allowed event organizers to assess the quality of past entertainers’ performances at different events. The goal was to provide valuable insights, aiding users in making well-informed choices when selecting entertainers for their senior-focused events.
Our Resolution(s)

Canadian Entertainers For Seniors was a standout company with a dedicated mission to discover outstanding Canadian entertainers tailored to entertain seniors. Collaborating closely with their Event Coordinator, Laura-Beth, the company unveiled a diverse array of talented entertainers upon its launch. This resulted in a substantial surge of interest from the senior community.

In a collective effort, we crafted an exceptional website to facilitate seamless connections between entertainers and event coordinators. This digital platform not only showcased the wealth of talented performers but also fostered harmonious collaborations between entertainment providers and those orchestrating senior-focused events. Through our combined endeavors, Canadian Entertainers For Seniors became a notable presence in the realm of senior entertainment, enhancing the joy and vibrancy of past senior experiences.

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