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Wei Xing Yong


United Kingdom, UK



About Flash-Deck Animations

Flash-Deck Animations, conceived by animator Wei Xing Yong, embodies an enduring passion for animation and filmmaking, dedicated to providing global audiences with unique entertainment. Skillfully fusing action and humor, Flash-Deck has positioned itself uniquely in the realm of game parodies, particularly those inspired by Valve’s Counter-Strike series. A testament to its success, Flash-Deck’s Counter-Strike Series has garnered an impressive 70 million views on YouTube, cementing its reputation as the most cherished CS parodies worldwide.

In the past, Flash-Deck, led by Wei Xing Yong, centered its attention on Counter-Strike. However, Wei Xing Yong has since broadened his aspirations, exploring various opportunities in the realm of 3D animation.¬†Matt and Wei Xing Yong have collaborated on several projects and animations, with one notable example being ‘Self-Conflict‘, Wei’s ‘Final Year Project for his Digital Character Animation BA at Teesside University, UK.

Challenges to overcome

Flash-Deck was facing several challenges, including:

  • Growing Fan Base:
    In the past, Flash-Deck utilized a phpBB forum for community interaction. However, as time went on, the issue of spam became increasingly problematic. In response, many community members migrated to Facebook, fostering a stronger, spam-free platform for communication and interaction.
  • Exploring a Fresh Animation Format:
    Wei passionately sought a streamlined and visually appealing approach to showcase his innovative animations, aiming to captivate a broader audience and enhance viewer engagement. Embedding YouTube videos across the website will encourage people to bookmark and engage more.
  • User-Friendly Design:
    We built a user-friendly design that functioned seamlessly across multiple device types. This accomplishment ensures that all of Flash-Deck fans, representing diverse age groups and cultures, can easily navigate and enjoy the content on various devices.


Flash-Deck established these goals to pursue:

  • Merchandise Strategy:
    Responding to substantial demand for Flash-Deck’s t-shirts and posters, Wei strategically established an external CafePress site, ensuring a seamless return to the main website for an uninterrupted user experience.
  • Tracking Progress:
    Given the global reach of the website, the objective was to enhance integration with Google Analytics and implement campaign URLs for more effective result tracking. This approach aimed to provide comprehensive insights into user behavior, demographics, and interaction patterns, facilitating informed decisions and continuous improvement.
  • Reconnecting on Social:
    With the forum boasting a substantial community, the primary objective was to guide all these fans toward the new Facebook Page. This transition allowed fans to seamlessly continue enjoying collaborative discussions, sharing insights, and contributing reviews in a more dynamic social setting, fostering an enriched online community experience.
Our Resolution(s)

After successfully implementing the updated layout, Wei joyously witnessed a significant surge in his social media community. The newfound popularity was accompanied by a surge in admiration and an increasing demand for fresh animations. His creative endeavors not only garnered appreciation but also amassed a multitude of likes and shares from a diverse global audience, reaching millions.

The animation titled ‘CS:GO: Chicken Defusal Mode’ emerged as a standout creation, not only gaining popularity but inspiring fans who went on to create the mode themselves. This resulted in a vibrant community of enthusiasts sharing their unique perspectives and creations.

In a relatively brief period, Wei proactively expanded his animation portfolio, delving into the realm of 3D animations and forging deeper connections with game animations. This led to his involvement in crafting animations for numerous noteworthy titles, further solidifying his position in the industry.

In a strategic move in 2023, Flash-Deck Animations smoothly transitioned over to it’s existing Facebook Page.

Recent Projects