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Tracy Quinsey


Maple Ridge, B.C.



About Quinsey Art

Tracy Quinsey, a celebrated artist known for her unique blend of whimsical interpretation and precise photorealism, has undertaken a mission to revamp her website, ‘Quinsey Art.’ Her goal is to craft an online space that not only showcases her art but also mirrors her exceptional ability to harmonize creativity and precision. The redesigned website, ‘Quinsey Art’, serves as a window into Tracy’s artistic journey, inviting visitors to explore the captivating convergence of reality and imagination, igniting profound emotions and wonder.

Challenges to overcome

Some of the challenges we overcame included:

  • Expanding Online Presence:
    This challenge involved enhancing the website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by optimizing the site, creating engaging and unique content, and utilizing social media to broaden its reach.
  • Connecting Social Communities:
    With Tracy’s growing presence on Instagram, our challenge was to build and nurture communities on various additional social media platforms.
  • Sharing Art Online:
    Sharing art online was crucial for reaching a wider audience. This challenge entailed integrating each piece of art with social sharing options and optimizing the pages for social media sharing.


Steering towards success, our outlined goals were:

  • Delivering Video Lessons:
    We aimed to provide easily accessible video lessons on YouTube and seamlessly integrate these instructional materials into pop-ups and new blog posts.
  • Showcasing Art Gallery:
    Our objective was to present the entire art collection with user-friendly categorization and sorting options by category. We strived to enhance the viewer experience by offering features for forwarding, expanding, and zooming.
  • Offering Convenient Support:
    We focused on implementing a user-friendly support system. Visitors can easily request assistance, seek lessons, or pose questions through accessible contact forms and pages, accessible on any device.
Our Resolution(s)

Tracy Quinsey was overjoyed with the launch of her new website, ‘Quinsey Art’, and delighted by the overwhelmingly positive feedback on her updated portfolio. New and recurring visitors alike expressed their appreciation for the seamless accessibility of her art, contributing to notable growth in her website’s audience. Tracy’s dedication to enriching her creative portfolio and her passion for mentoring and nurturing new artists remain as strong and steadfast as ever, reflecting her enduring commitment to the world of art.

Recent Projects